2014 - Aerial Assist - Mr. Krabs

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        Mr. Krabs was the 2014 FRC 1529's Competition robot. This was the very first time that Danny Blau and I got together, creating the official CAD team. We put our minds together to make this robot. It started off as a palindrome concept, meaning that the primary manipulator would be able to operate both forwards and backwards. Due to this design, the mechanism could move 270 degrees. Once we decided on the idea and goals we wanted to accomplish, it was time to CAD. 

        We started with deciding what AndyMark chassis configuration we wanted and finalized with the long configuration. We got the two main side panels made, and we did some math and sketching out to find where the center of the arm axle should be. We made some cross supports and placed the turret bearings. 

        This was about the point where everything started to come together. We made the arm control box in between the two side panels. Then added the fins for ball control. After that point, we faced more challenges and had to engineer our way to solve them. We now had to drive 8 wheels that are a far distance from the intended CG. This meant we would need 4 motors total, 2 high speed and 2 high torque motors. Each motor drove 2 wheels. Some ideas were thrown around, like having them driven by their own drive shaft with a joint to allow a curve to hold the ball. Another idea was having the motors just hooked on to the gear box at the end of the arm. In the end, we decided to have the motor down by the gear box for ease of maintenance if something happened with the long appendages.

        At this point the CAD Team was done around mid week 4. Parts came in ASAP with the understanding of our sponsors doing this for us for free. Then it was off to competition.