2015 - Recyle Rush - Yertle

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        Yertle was the 2015 FRC 1529's Competition robot. This year we had 2 new members join the team, Tyler Hinton, and Robbie Dobbins. Tyler and Robbie got a great opportunity to get the feel for how CAD works in this type of environment, and the impact it can have on producing robots.

        Yertle's design was running in the idea of using the human player station as a point of collection due to the lack of unknown variables that lies within the rest of the field. At the human player station, we know how the totes fall, where the fall, and when they fall. With these certainties, we made the design for the back of the robot. Due to this design decision, we also now know we need a lot of space. For this, the "Transport Configuration" is actually on its side. It wasn't the most wanted features but it allowed for more options later on. 

        The Elevator was a chain driven REV bar system that used V-bearings for the guide rails, and had polycarbonate fins that hook under totes. At first, the design seemed simple with the idea of just running a chain vertically alongside the REV system. Later on, we needed to adapt the drive system to run a long master drive shaft along the bottom to drive both left and right sides of the system to grant more control and stability for bigger stacks of totes.

        The last major system of the design were the two towers on both front ends of the robot. These towers were intended to be used to shift the two recycling containers at the beginning of the match for more points. During the math they could swing the recycling containers into the robot and on top of stacks to be scored during the match. The theme was to use the two fins we called "GT 40 Wings," due to the resemblance to the rear wings on a 2017 Ford GT 40, as upper supports for the two towers. One detail that never got implemented into the official robot was a form of compression needed to hold the GT 40 wings down on the towers.