Our greatest point of pride is that the Southport CyberCards are building a better future for both our teammates and our community. Our mentors have volunteered long days and nights to help us forge ahead and succeed. Constructing a robot is only a fraction of the amazing work accomplished every year by the CyberCards. As our team vision statement expresses, we are creating college and career ready students who are prepared for life beyond high school.

In an effort to spread the vision of FIRST, we have run numerous successful outreach events and reached many people in our community. Furthermore, we continue to be invited back to many outreach venues.  By going to events, we are learning skills to help our futures.


Our mentors have forged strong bonds with every student, ensuring that they have a bright future, regardless of the path they choose. Students often gain insight from our mentors about career interests, because they have a wealth of invaluable experience from selecting a major in college to working in a particular field. Our mentors also assist us with applying for college by helping us do research on majors and scholarships available. 

The CyberCards have had an extraordinary impact on both our students and community over the years, as we continue to build better future for everyone. We are more than just a robot, we are a family with a bond that gives us the strength to overcome any obstacle. We have risen to every challenges, and we are stronger as a team and as a family.