FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST® Team 1529, the CyberCards, is located at Southport High School in the southside of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Our team was founded in 2005, led by a small group of students and one mentor. Through the first several years, the team struggled to recruit new members. With the focus on STEAM education in Indiana and the addition of new experienced FIRST mentors, the team has grown greatly in both students and mentors. The CyberCards were on the winning alliance at the Indiana State Championship in 2016.  As of the 2017-2018 season, we have 26 students and 32 mentors.

FRC Team 1529, the CyberCards, is made up of approximately 58 people who are passionate about the views of FIRST and STEAM, and we make our team vision align with it. On our team, 26 members are students and the remaining 32 members are mentors. We started a new FTC team at our middle school, and it already has 8 members.  We have 13 veterans on our team, 2 are seniors, 11 are juniors, and 4 are sophomores. We have 4 freshmen who are rookies on our team. We have also included 3 middle-schoolers who participate in FRC.

Future Plans

1 Year:

Establish a solid foundation for FLL Junior.
Create Solid FTC teams with members to support the organization
Have a solid foundation that creates self-sufficient student leaders who in turn help create self-sufficient team members. 
Our team will help hold while being part of a STEAM summer camp held at the University of Indianapolis. 
Team item summer training camp individual camp
We plan to keep all of the mentors of the past season while also acquiring more mentors to help spread the message of FIRST.


3 Years:

Our team plans to continue the growth of our FRC team roster, planning on doubling our FRC student numbers
Our team hopes to also continue the growth of our FTC roster, planning on doubling our FTC team student numbers.
Solidifying the creation of feeder organizations from Kindergarten to 12 grade, creating Career and University ready students.
Plan on making a full day at Southport High school dedicated to the message and Values of FIRST and STEAM.


8 Years:  

Student-driven career ready students that started FTC as 6th graders and they know how to use machines to help build robots and our now entering high school in 9th grade
As a result of trained students, it can cause us to travel to worlds from winning matches and winning Chairman's Award. 
Getting closer with the student body and Perry Township Schools to help establish a Southport STEAM facility, this provides school system space where children can develop science and art part skills while also having a facility for our robots teams. 
Solidify our name as a great place for kids to learn about STEAM and to become known as a leader in FIRST.