Southport Jr. FIRST Lego League


Jr. Season Pass to help promote the mission of team 1529.  This grant will allow us to help 144 kids of different ethnic and gender background the opportunity to have For our early elementary students (grades K-3), we are in our Third Season of the 2017 STEM Equity Community Innovation Grant that we received for an FLLa FIRST experience. This will begin to lay the foundation for the future of FIRST each of the elementary schools on the Southport side of the district.  If you would like more information about this program please contact Mr. Snodgrass at  Sign your student up to BE THE FIRST on the FIRST Lego League Jr. team at your elementary school.

Through exploratory research, hands-on construction, teamwork, and imagination, FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. challenges teams of up to six kids to explore a scientific concept, then build a motorized model and develop a Show-Me Poster to illustrate their journey of discovery.