Mentor Biographies

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Mark Snodgrass

     Mark Snodgrass has been involved with FIRST robotics since 2002.  He began assisting his wife with a FIRST Lego League team at Maple Grove Elementary School.  After that, he became a teacher at Connersville Middle School where he started Connersville Robotics.  Connersville Robotics began with a FIRST Lego League team.  This team competed in the FIRST Lego League State championship winning 2nd place Teamwork Award and 2nd place Team Spirit Award.  

     After that, Mr. Snodgrass moved to teach at Center Grove Middle School North.  While there he coached Football, Wrestling, and Track.  Even though he was coaching football, he began helping a colleague coach the Middle School North FLL team.  The FLL program grew and became two teams.  This is when he became the head coach of both FLL teams.   While coaching the teams, he created and became the director of the Indy South FLL Tournament.  The Center Grove High School team lost their teacher sponsor and they asked Mr. Snodgrass to step in.  He became the coach of FIRST Team 1529 Red Alert Robotics from 2012 (fall) through 2014 (fall).  As the coach of Red Alert, the team made it to the World Championships and won regional Chairman’s awards.   

     From 2011-2014, Mr. Snodgrass was also the FIRST Senior Mentor for Indiana.  During this time, he communicated and collaborated with each FIRST Program Lead.  He worked with the area Regional/Planning/Operational Committees, Program Partners, and VISTA Volunteers.  He participated in community outreach events, helped organize and directed robotics tournaments, and provided professional training to new robotics coaches.  



CCR Mentor Since: 


Engineering and Computer Science Teacher

Perry Township Schools (Southport High School)


Head Coach, Programming

     Now, Mr. Snodgrass serves as the Coach for FRC Team 1529, the CyberCards. In his brief time with the CyberCards he has worked with the parents to create a 501c3 non-profit organization, written and received grants to begin FIRST Lego League Jr. Teams at all elementary schools, FIRST Tech Challenge middle school program, which is now flourishing, and a grant to teach elementary students grades 4-5 about applied computing and modern manufacturing.  This will lead to the new Southport Robotics FIRST Lego League.  He has also created the CyberCard ten80 racing team as well as sponsoring the SOPO Girls Who Code Club to continue.   

     Mr. Snodgrass is a Bachelor of Science from the University of Indianapolis, and a Master of Science in Education with a focus in Technology from IUPUI.  As the coach on this team, Mr. Snodgrass hopes to inspire young people to find their passions, empower students by connecting them to their passions, inspiring them to become passionate experts, and encouraging them to communicate their passion with their community.

Mr. Snodgrass’ future goals for the team are a k-12 robotics program that will meet at Southport High School to promote the FAMILY aspect of our team, help at least 90% of our student find a career path after college, and to inspire our alumni to join forces giving back to the CyberCards and the FIRST Community. 

Jamie Workman-Germann - Engineering Mentor


Jamie Workman-Germann has been a mentor on the CyberCards team 1529 since 2018. She primarily helps build the robot(mechanical) and with the development of management processes. She has acquired a Bachelors and Masters in mechanical engineering from Purdue University, and used to be a professor of mechanical engineering technology (MET) at IUPUI from 1999 to 2009. At the moment, Jamie is working as an industrial engineer and an improvement specialist for the Department of Veterans Affairs since 2012.

Jessica Koberski - Operations Mentor


Jessica Kobierski has been involved in FIRST robotics since 2008. She has been involved with FIRST in many capacities over the years, from being a team member on an FLL and an FRC team to mentoring FLL and FRC teams to volunteering at events. Currently she is a mentor for the Operations part of 1529 which oversees the Chairman's, Business, and Media sub-teams. The students are the driving force behind everything on the operations team, Jessica is just there to provide guidance and encouragement to the amazing members of the CyberCards!

           Jessica has a Bachelor's of Psychology and is currently working toward a second Bachelor's in Law in Liberal Arts. Currently she works at a daycare as an infant teacher.

Tara Thorstad - Cardinal Robotics Association Board President


Tara has been with FIRST since 2016. During the 2016 season Tara’ son recruited her to become part of the CyberCards parent organization. In 2017 Tara became the president of that organization and has been assisting with anything the team needs. From snacks to meals and supporting in any possible way the team needs.