FRC 1529 STEAMWORKS Strategy

January 24, 2017

On Monday January 9th we participated in a team building, strategy game where students acted like robots playing the 2017 FIRST STEAMWORKS game. The challenge was to work together to transfer “gears”, AKA wood blocks, under a table, which was an “airship”. We also threw “fuel”, AKA bean bags, high and low onto a table acting was a boiler to simulate low and high goals. To complete the challenge we had to touch the top of the table, or “Airship”.




When we were talking about build season, our team the CyberCards,  FRC 1529 have been working to find a game strategy. We've worked all week and we found a strategy that we think will be successful.  


  1. We have to be able to build it in our shop, with our materials.

  2. It has to pass inspection.

  3. The robot has to be able to move.

  4. Manipulate Gears:

    1. During Auto get 1 gear to the airship

    2. During telop get 5 gears to the airship.

  5. Climb in the last thirty seconds.



Were very fond of  our strategy we hope our strategy makes this year another successful one.  Good luck to the CyberCards,FRC 1529.


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