And they're off! Tippecanoe regional event recap.

March 12, 2017



Scoring gears, shooting fuel points and climbing ropes to get ready for takeoff are only a fraction of the tasks each robot attempts to perform at the 2017 FIRST robotics competitions. Now, though this competition may seem simple, there’s a lot more to it than you think. Teams need to pick alliances, if they are awarded the privilege, and they have to deal with all of the technical difficulties that happen in the playing field. The FIRST robotics competition is a test, of people and robot. And for week one at Tippecanoe, all of these teams are off to a great start.




In this sport, teamwork and cooperation is key; to be able to have a functional robot, you have to have a functional team. Each person plays a crucial role, no matter what they do. Whether that be driving or scouting, every task is important. No one person should be just sitting on the sidelines, everyone is needed somewhere. That’s part of being a team.







At the end of qualifications at Tippecanoe, we held a Team Spirit Award in our hands, were in 6th place but the 5th seated alliance captain, and had been given a “Best Pit” award from the Maverick Boiler Robotics, Team 4272, at the competition. Each award means our team is growing, in more ways than one. Cheering on allies and making a big difference out of the smallest things are a team's greatest strengths. And the CyberCards, Team 1529, managed to bring all those aspects together to hold an astonishing 6th place finish.

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