Mini-Build weekly breakdown

November 21, 2017

The CyberCards are undergoing a six week mini build season. During this mini build season each subteam is given a specific task. This will teach students and mentors how a build season works and test the skills of each person partaking in the build season.


Engineer Team

The Engineer Team’s ultimate goal for this mini build season is to turn Scarlet into a high goal shooter. The goal of the last meeting for the Engineer Team was to finish the CAD and start rebuilding.


Anthony Borho said “By doing this it would score big during demos because the design that we have came up with for the floor pick up won’t scuff gym floors, also kids would love projectiles more than picking up a gear off the floor.”  


Programming Team

The Programming Team’s ultimate goal is to make the pixy cam to work on the robot. The goal for last meeting was to finish researching the pixy cam.


Hannah Ceral said “We can program colors into it so it can make a certain action without the driver/operator to do anything.”


Awards Team

The Awards Team’s ultimate goal is to have a pretty good start on the Chairman's essay and the business plan. The goal of the last meeting was to get a good amount of information to out of the chairman’s essay from last year.


Katie Arnold said “We are looking at last year's essay and pick out what we did good and what we want to do again so we can make it a little up to date and a little bit better.”


Media Team

The Media Team’s ultimate goal is to have the website updated and change the visuals a little bit. The goal of the last meeting was for a student to interview each subteam and get a Weekly Blog on what's going on with the CyberCards.


D. Payne Sutherlin said “The weekly blog post will keep our lovely sponsors and our biggest fans up to date with what is going on.”


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