Mini Build - Week 4!

December 6, 2017

The CyberCards are undergoing a six week mini build season. During this mini build season each subteam is given a specific task. This will teach students and mentors how a build season works and test the skills of each person partaking in the build season.




This week the engineering group has had their minds set on getting our robot Scarlett up and running to prepare for the upcoming outreach event “Breakfast With Santa” on Sunday December 3 at the Indiana State Museum. They’ve even spent a lot of time out of their regular meetings to get even more progress on achieving this goal.  “We’re just using all the time and determination we have to make sure our goals get met.” - Anthony Borho, Grade 11

Along with working on the robot, group leader Anthony Borho has been teaching students how to properly set up batteries so that during our build season, they will be prepared to fix them in a pinch. Anthony believes that spending time with the students and working alongside them is good because it’s teaching them how to work together efficiently and effectively. He hopes that by build season they will be working as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.




The programming group this week has been focusing on gathering information and teaching eachother how to refine their coding skills for next build season. Freshman Jayden said: “I just really need to make sure I’m ready for the build season.” Recently the group had acquired Pixy cams to program to add to the robot. A Pixy cam is a camera that can be mounted to the robot and can detect objects based on the shape and color. The team is planning on implementing this device in our upcoming year to better our accuracy and drive abilities.



The awards team has had their minds set on planning out next year’s chairman's award motif. We won’t give too much away, but our awards team is thinking about implementing the idea of the phoenix into their presentation in 2018. “Think of it as our team rising out of the ashes, like a phoenix.” - Bryce Hinton, Senior. He’s new to this group this year and believes that working in this group will give him good experiences to use in his college years. The group has been diligently working these past few weeks reviewing their old chairman's speech and documents to gather some ideas on how to format their writing, and they hope to have an outline done before kickoff.

Data & Analysis


The data and analysis group has been working on creating an organized and efficient system to compile all the mentors, parents, and students’ information so that their information can be easily accessed if needed. For example, it would have all the information regarding whether students have their paperwork filled out or if the mentors and parents has had their background checks filed yet. Along with this, the data team has been creating a check-in, check-out system to go along with their data system where each student has an ID card that they can scan as they enter and leave the meetings. The progress has been good, but the team has had to work out a few errors with the system. “It’s hard, but I know this [the system] is gonna make things much easier for everyone.” - Keifer, Junior.



The media team this week has continued to go around to each individual group and get updates on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and any other information the group feels is important. They’re gonna be using that information to update the team’s blog. Senior Lawrence Spurlock is new to this, and has been learning how to properly format and write a post. “It’s kinda fun learn about what each group is up to.” - Lawrence Spurlock, senior. The group expects to keep sending out updates weekly up into next season.


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