Anton Laut - CAD Designer/Intern Overall Team Captain


I am Anton Laut, a sophomore attending Southport High School. It is my second year on the CyberCards FRC Team 1529. I also have one year of experience in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), on the rookie year of FTC Team 13246, the Steel Beaks. I found these programs through my interest in Lego Mindstorms at the time. The first competition I saw was in 2015 at Perry Meridian High School. As I was eleven at the time, it left me mesmerized. 

When I joined Team 1529, I was interested in the Engineering Subteam, but through various opportunities and my mentor's help, I learned to branch out into other areas of the team. After our game was announced, I joined the CAD subgroup, working to design our robot for our build subgroup. Since then, I've become the Intern to the Overall Team Captain, and I look forward to our next competition, hoping to inspire young engineers with the same program that inspired me.

Rachel Borho - Scouting/Electrical


My name is Rachel Borho, a freshman at Southport High School and a fifth-year member of FRC team 1529, CyberCards. I joined the team in Fall 2015 when I was in 5th grade, not knowing how it would become a major part of my life. Over the years of me being on the team I have been on the media team, the build team, the electrical team, and the strategy team which I am currently on. Throughout my experience of being on the team, the team has won state, been to IRI, got finalist at Perry district, and became finalists at Tippecanoe. FIRST to me means that you can be anyone and do anything without worrying about what everyone else thinks.

Gabrielle Hord - Scouter


I am Gabrielle Hord. I am a junior in high school and this is my third year being on the FRC Team, the Cybercards. In the Fall of 2017, I was able to find my passion for strategy (data analysis) because of the FIRST program. I found it interesting and fun to figure out and learn different strategies and it has helped our team immensely. 

As of the 2019 FRC season, I'm the data-analysis subgroup lead. Throughout my experience on the team, I've made team buttons, scouting sheets, collected data at the events, scouted the pits, and helped choose the right teams for alliance selection. This has benefited me outside of robotics, as I can collect data for other subjects I’m intrigued by. I have marketed the team towards people in my school and the community.

Enzo Zavaleta - Programmer


My name is Enzo Zavaleta, and I'm a freshman at Southport High School. This is my first year on the FRC Team 1529, the CyberCards. I've always wanted to be an engineer and thanks to the FIRST program I now realize that a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication can prepare you to become a good engineer.

In this season I'm part of the programming subteam, trying to learn everything I can, from just testing a motor by sending power to it, to trying to code math trajectories based on how a color sensor sees reflective tape. I have learned that respect and perseverance goes a long way in the world. I have discovered that engineering can help the community with real problems, like making a robot so that it can detect and dispose of bombs to keep our police officers safe, or making toys for the animals for our local zoo. I feel like that's what FIRST really means, to help our community by applying principles of engineering to help solve real-world problems.

Hannah Sorrell - Operations Captain/Chairman’s Lead


My name is Hannah Sorrell. I am a Senior at Southport High School and a fourth year member of the CyberCards FRC Team 1529. I started robotics in the fall of 2016, my freshman year. I had no knowledge of the FIRST program and started my first year on the programming sub team. During my sophomore year, I decided to continue my robotics experience on the Media and Awards sub group. That year, I learned how to write the Chairman's Essay, handle business, and manage outreach events. This is my first and last year being the operations captain for the team. 

My goal for this FRC season is to assist in helping in the development of the Chairman's, Entrepreneurship, Digital Animation, and our team’s goal awards. My experience on the team has led me to be better versed socially and in spreading my own ideas. I have spread FIRST's ideals through community service, outreach events, career fairs, and robot demos. Interacting and listening to different sides of the team has helped me accomplish my goals for the different awards and outreach events that I participate in. 

Jason Oakley - Build Member


My name is Jason Oakley, a junior of Southport High School and a first year member of the FRC Team 1529, the CyberCards. I joined the team about 2 months ago, and I had no clue of the things that they did altogether. When I met Snodgrass, he told me about the team's activities. I decided to join the team. When went on a trip to  Purdue University, it solidified my decision to join the team. I really never got a chance to use the type of tools they use when I first got in to the shop. I was nervous. I thought I was going to mess up, so I didn't really want to touch anything. Soon after I joined, Mr. Borho trained me with the tools and I became more confident and proficient in the use of tools. I'm a quiet person for the most part and I’m still trying to get used to being on a team, but I am still gaining knowledge and skills. I like the team meetings because they are fun and we still get work done. I can't wait for the first competition.

Trinity Clark - Operations Business Writer


My name is Trinity Clark, I’m a Freshman at Southport Highschool and this is my first year as a member of FRC team 1529 and our schools White River Academic League (WRAL) team. I just recently joined the team fall of 2019, as a member of the Business subteam. For the FRC team I help manage attendance, business plan, charts, inventory, and other business related work. Since joining this team I have expanded my knowledge of writing, what goes into making a business plan, risk management, and financing.

Trevin Nguyen - Operations Intern Captain/Business Lead


My name is Trevin Nguyen, a junior of Southport High School and a third-year member of First Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 1529, the CyberCards. I joined the team in Fall 2017, with no knowledge of what FIRST or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) really was to me and how it would affect my future. Because of my involvement with FRC and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), I was able to find my passion in business and risk management, with the ability to analyze team data and growths to implement them in business plans. I am a two-year Intern Operations Captain, and the student organizer of the CyberCards Care Pantry that is hosted monthly at Southport High School. I’ve been engaged in the Operations subteam since my freshman year, starting as a Chairman’s writer. 

As of the 2018 FRC season, I’ve student-led the Business subteam, making/writing the business/risk management plan and analyzing finances and budgets in hopes of winning the Entrepreneurship Award for the CyberCards. Throughout my experiences on the team, engaged in team meetings and outreach events, I have become more socially-active in school and the community prior to me joining the team in my freshman year. Along the way with my team, I have spread the aspects of FIRST and FRC amongst the community through outreach events, career fairs, and robot demos. Utilizing my understanding of team growth and experiences, I am able to create a business plan consisting of data to gain better understandings and visuals of data trends in the CyberCards.

Miles VanJelgerhuis - Build/Electrical 


My name is Miles VanJelgerhuis, a sophomore at Southport High School and a first year member of  Team 1529. I’m in the electrical and build subgroups. I joined the team in the fall of 2019 with no knowledge of what FIRST really was to me and how it would affect my future. I was able to find my passion in electrical and build.

I will work hard and learn everything about electrical and build. I am currently trying to join the military, and then the police academy afterwards. I will work passionately on the team.

Jay Johnson - CAD Designer


My name is Jay Johnson. I joined the program through FTC in my seventh and eight grade year. So, I have been in the First Inspires organization for 3 years now. I am in the CAD subteam of the FRC team. I joined because of my interest in the team, which had members of my scout troup. I learned over my first year what STEM and FIRST meant to me. FIRST has allowed me to know what I want to do and if I'm good at it, which for me, it’s CAD. Turns out, I'm decent because I only know this because of FIRST. FIRST has even helped me find the kind of engineering i want to get into, which is aerospace engineering. So truthfully, because of FIRST, I now have a paddle to row to the other side of the river of Styx.

Johnny Armstrong - Build Member


My name is John Armstrong. I joined Team 1529 when I was a freshman. I already knew that I was into the metal fabrication business, but this team helped me by teaching me skills that I had not known before. I also got experience for a job from this team. They helped me by providing information about how to be a leader and how I could be successful in life. I also learned about being a good coworker and still being happy at my job. On the team, I help the Engineering Subteam. I usually help make parts that they need for the robot and provide ideas about the robot.

Robert Parker - Programming Lead


My name is Robert Parker, and I am a Senior of Southport High School who is a 4-year veteran of Team 1529, The Southport CyberCards. I joined in the Fall of 2016 with a passion of programming with 2 years of it under my belt. This team allowed me to further my education of my passion and open doors that would not be open without this experience. I have been working with several engineers and software developers to help take my passion further. I am the current programming captain and have been for 3 years. I have also been to several outreach events to help others in my community by showing students what we do and getting them in FIRST starting with Lego League jr.. I have mentored our middle school FTC Team 13246, The CyberCard Steel Beaks, and I have helped teach students what engineering is like.

Quentin Egan - Programmer


My name is Quentin Egan, and I am a Sophomore at Southport High School. This is my third year being involved in FIRST Robotics, but only my second year on FRC Team 1529. My first year with FIRST was on FTC Team 13246, which is Southport Middle School's FTC team, during their rookie year. I joined this team with some experience under my belt from FTC, but I quickly realized that I still had much to learn. Through the program, I have met many amazing people and learned not only practical skills that will help me in my career, but also life skills like collaboration and time management.

From the beginning of my time in FIRST, I've been a member of the programming subteam. This program helped me discover and then nourish my passion for programming. The program has also helped me form friendships with people who I never would have interacted with otherwise. I've also had ample opportunities to serve my community through the team with outreach events. Being part of the programming team, it's my job to work with my fellow programmers to make the robot operable and to automate any tasks that the robot my need to do on its own.

Michael Delaval - Build Member


My name is Michael Delaval, and this year is my first year on Team 1529, the CyberCards. When I joined, I had two years of experience in FTC, and I understood that FIRST would be an important part of my life. It led to me finding an interest in engineering as a profession for later in my life, and I know if I work hard enough, FIRST can help me achieve that goal. Since I have joined FIRST, I have participated in two seasons. My first year was when I realized how important FIRST is to me. During my second year, I was able to be a team captain and experience a FIRST World Championship. 

But even before my first year on the team, I had been involved in FIRST. My older brother was on Team 1529 four years ago, and I attended his competitions. While I have been in FIRST, I have attended numerous outreach events and grown more socially active.

Sierra Perkins - Operations Digital Animator


I am Sierra Perkins and I am a senior at Southport High School. This is my first year of First Robotics Competition on team 1529, the Cyber Cards. I joined the team in the fall of 2019 at the beginning of the school year. I had no knowledge of FIRST and I knew a little about STEAM. I joined because I had Mr. Snodgrass as a teacher for engineering. He told me that I could join the team to do animations for it. And that is exactly what I have been doing on the team. It was a slow start but I learned a lot about animation, operations, and my abilities as a beginner animator. What FIRST means to me is that it is a way for students to learn more about technology based careers and they get to work with real professionals in those careers.